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The COLORS duke, The COLORS...

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The COLORS duke, The COLORS...

Post by BaddLuckz 360M on September 8th 2010, 8:26 am

I know we have a color legend below...but I want to explain the reason for the new color out the blue....err The new color (sorry for the pun). But anyway...you all know I try to keep our colors in tune up here for the most part and give particular colors to respected people........................and sometime the a-holes (especially considering I am one).

The Mafia Colors
(this is the first time I'm actually going into detail of our colors....check it out)

The three man colors
RED Like a Star @ heaven The blood of our enemies of every game we play we excute for their excution.

BLACK Like a Star @ heaven The darkness that provokes us to kill, kill, kill our online foes without sympathy and what our enemies see when we are around. Black-hearted if you will.

WHITE Like a Star @ heaven The Unity for in which we have for one another...and to respresent fairness as much as the evil we do.

Our secondary but not any less of a respresentation of us is the color...

GREEN Like a Star @ heaven The 3rd color of the Italian flag from which the Italians formed a group of "made men" called the "Mafia." Also Green represent the console that's in the first part of our clan name, the "360." AND it also represents the founder of the clan. In which a shemrock comes to mind whenever you think of his name when he founded the clan "Luckyharmz" (also when you hear people call me ....err...him, Lucky"

The new gold names you see are strictly for the OG's......these people have devoted many hours, actions, funding, strength, steadfast loyalty, and also help mold this clan among the years since that faithful day of January 5th, 2006. AND WHAT WAY TO GIVE OUR RESPECT OTHER THAN PAVE THEY NAMES IN GOLD. This is my way of saying thank you...and the active now that are helping our clan great like Gorilaz/J0SHand, TheJOKER, KD, and Miss3s Nay (I see your efforts as well)....and I can see you too becoming this status...keep repping that 360M by example not only by words.

Oh as far as the pink......HBiC (Mafia female branch).....blue because some idiot wanted dark text for a forum that has a dark background.....Red resevered for Fullclip because it's best color for this site and he's my Mafian best fAND GREEN....well already explained it.

And by the way...if you see anyone's name in shitty green...their about to get kicked from the clan.....the raw way. VERY Lucky like.

OKAY I'M DONE..... tongue


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