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Post by Guest on July 4th 2010, 11:29 pm

OK EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!! The meeting went well. It was ashame that there wasn't more people on for it but we got things done. There have been a couple of changes that will take effect as of the end of the meeting.

1.) We have a new chain of command that WILL be followed! It's as followed:
Lucky as the Don
Fullclip as Lucky's advisor
Arrogance as the Underboss
KD as a Capo
Gorilaz, Grave, and Immobile as Enforcers and All OG's (Enforcers and OG's are the same rank only OG's don't have the Enforcers powers/job)
MavericKat as the Secretary (we will have at least 1 more as soon as we find out who is best for or wants the job)
The rest of the family as Footmen/Soldiers

If you have an issue with ANY member go talk to an Enforcer and it will be brought to the higher ups attention and will be handled. NOTE: All information will be kept private. You ALL need to talk to us about what's going on with other members. If you don't then your insulting the family just as much as they are. If you have an issue with a higher up then go straight to the person above them (Ex. Enforcers go to KD, or KD go to Arro) If you have a problem with Lucky and you don't want to talk to him directly then talk with Arro. Also just because we are offline does NOT mean go to the next person up. Leave a message both on xbox and the site (or just xbox) and we will get back to you when we read the message. If it is an emergency then you may go to the next person. This is in place to prevent our leaders from dealing with the little problems and they can keep gaming with peace. DO NOT HANDLE SITUATIONS ON YOUR OWN! If you are having a problem with another member leave and get an Enforcer! If 1 is not avaliable at the time leave a message. We don't need little fights going on all the time so we want to handle it with organization. (MavericKat and Fullclip are not 1 to go to for situations, they are simply note takers or advisors to our Don, the person you must see for that is an Enforcer unless there is an issue with 1 which you will then skip up 1 rank) Also to make things clear on being an OG, you, as an OG, do NOT need an Enforcer to deal with people messing with you personaly. All Enforcers having an issue with another member will then go to the rank above them and NOT handle it on their own!

2.) We need EVERYONE to talk to us on who is active and who is not. That means the footmen, OG's, Enforcers, leaders and all. We can't game it up with everyone all the time so we need to know who you all think is not active. Now if you give us a name, that does not mean they are instantly accused of what ever is told. There will be an investigation and depending on what we find out we will handle it accordingly.

3.) We have a new inactivity system. If you are offline for more than 2 weeks with no communication to us at all you will be put on a 1 week probation. After that week is over, your gone. This doesn't mean you can't come back and join us again but you will start fresh as a recruit.

4.) As soon as our new "Shit List" is made it will be posted as a Global Post so anyone and everyone can see it. If you don't want everyone on your case for ditching us then communicate with us. It will be the only way you can keep off that list.

If you have anymore ideas of what can or needs to be changed send our new secretary a message explaining what you think needs fixing. (NOT EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE JUST CAUSE YOU WANT IT TO) So keep that in mind! But give your ideas anyways and we will discuss what will and won't change.


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